Sunday, September 12, 2010

i wasnt a punk rocker i was a skater

i was totally into new wave until about 1984 when i discovered rap with Run Dmc, the girl i was going steady with loved it and so on...i moved from normal heights san diego to escondido california left all my friends and family and skate spots. 1986-87 you could spot a skater from a mile away by the way he walked and everybody skated everything together, i met this dude george the first week i moved to escondido i saw him skating his driveway the day we pulled in and i slowly crept to his neighborhood everyday and shredded around the corner hoping he would hear me and want to skate. it worked, we became great friends and skate partners. i was just starting junior high school and he was a sophmore in high school, he had fucking great taste in music and within a month of becoming friends we dubbed each others tape collections. in one week i discovered: NWA, Metallica, Slayer, Suicidal Tendancies, and Boogie Down Productions... my poor mother had no idea what to hate first. 
"Join the Army" came out and we ate that shit up. BOOMBOX everywhere blasting some rude shit...this local chollo taught me 
how to steal TESTOR cans and that same day he took my crew to this loading dock that had an abandoned hard top MG...we 
went nuts for a week straight, tagging launching and grinding this car until the chollo came back with his homeboys "all wet foo"
they got super high and violent and lit that shit on fire, everything our launch ramp the car...possessed to skate was roaring out 
of the boom box, 6 little curb crushers two high school "skater" dorks , 4 chollos high on Sherm and a burning MG, out of fucking 
control but safe...the local authorities arrived and we turned ghost over some walls surround the shopping center.
"join the army"


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